Solo Piano

Sonata for piano (1989)

Completed on 18 December 1989, this is an early work showing the use of tension and dramatic form. The first movement conforms (perhaps too strictly?) to sonata form. The second movement is, interestingly, dramatic, rather than quiet and soothing.


Nocturne 1 (1990)

Completed in 1990, this is a short gentle piece which uses sparse textures, and gentle dissonance. It would probably sound good on a harp.

Download: PDF score; MIDI file

Spring (1998)

Completed on 8 November 1998, after a long break from composing.

This piece was written while I was living in the US (so it was actually Spring at the time). Spring is set for solo piano and should be performed with rubato.


Elements (2006)

Written in the space of two days (11-12 June 2006), this is a collection of four short pieces, one for each of the ancient elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, to be performed in that order). Although I’m not really happy with fire, and I’m not entirely happy with earth, I’m happy with air and am very happy with water.

MIDI files:

  1. Earth: dark and mysterious, with subtle evocation of Grieg’s hall of the mountain king (from the Peer Gynt suite) (MIDI)
  2. Water: gentle and light – I had an image in my mind of an oriental garden with water gently dripping into rippling pools. (MIDI or MP3)
  3. Air: light and cheeky – this one is fun! (MIDI)
  4. Fire: intended to be a fiery tango, I think it’s not quite hot enough! 🙂 (MIDI)

Download elements.pdf.


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