Small Ensemble

Sonatina for flute and piano (1989)

Completed on the 4th of January 1989, this piece was written for David Smith. It was performed by David Smith (flute) and myself (piano) as part of the school play at Melbourne High School that year.

Download: PDF full score, PDF flute part, MIDI, and MP3
(recording of performance by David Smith and Michael Winikoff as part of the Melbourne High School, school play Plays and Players II, 1989).

Sonata for flute and piano (1989)

This is the second movement of the flute sonata (September 1989). The flute plays a gentle melody above a rippling harp-like figure from the piano.

Download: PDF score, MIDI

“Serial Moods” for flute and piano (1999)

As part of the general cleaning associated with moving house I found this piece as an incomplete sketch on paper. I typeset and completed it. Although it began life as a serial (12 tone) piece, it quickly moves away from serialism. This piece also demonstrates that a piece can be (partly) serial without being atonal.

Download: PDF score, MIDI

When Soft Voices Die (1999)

Based on a poem by Shelley. This work began when a friend asked me to write something for her (Soprano) and a friend (Flute). This was written on the morning of Saturday the 9th of October (1999).

Download: PDF score, MIDI

“Jerusalem of Gold” trio (2000)

Written (8-12 April, 2000) for my father (amateur violinist) and brother (amateur cellist and professional guitarist), this trio is a theme on variations on a well-known tune by Naomi Shemer.

Download: PDF score, MIDI

Trio, second movement (2002)

Written on January 6th, 2002, this is the second movement of (another) trio for my father (violin), brother (‘cello) and myself (piano).

Download: PDF score, MIDI

Rondo ‘Impossible’ (2008)

This piece, for Clarinet and Piano, was written in October 2008 for a piano warming party, and was performed by Stephen Cranefield and myself.

Download: rondo.pdf, the clarinet part, rondo.mid.


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