Lament (1994)

I’ve finally gotten around to typesetting Lament, as premierred by the Melbourne University Choral Society back in 1994 and also performed by the Australian National University Choral Society later that year. Lament is text-less, something which in retrospect was a mistake – consonants are important for singers.

Lament was performed on Saturday 8th October 1994, by the Melbourne University Choral Society, conducted by Andrew Wailes; and on Friday 9th December 1994, by the ANU (Australian National University) Choral Society, conducted by Trish Shaw.

Download: PDF score, MIDI, and MP3 recording (recording is of the MUCS performance, at Twentieth century lament, 8th October 1994).

Also available on CPDL.

Anthem for Doomed Youth (1995)

For piano and SATB. Based on a poem by Wilfred Owen (1893-1918).

Download: original PDF score, and MIDI, and the NEW revised score (PDF).

Also available on CPDL.

Jerusalem (1999)

For a capella SATB choir (arranged 25 October 1999).

Jerusalem, the well known words by William Blake, with tune by Parry, is often sung by AICSA choirs, however, it is rather boring in unison. This arrangement is suitable for a concert, as it uses a few more interesting harmonies, and has different settings for the two verses.

Download: PDF score , MIDI]

Also available on CPDL.

Alleluia (2000)

For a capella SATB choir, composed 8-9 January 2000.

One of my perpetual new year’s resolutions is to compose more. Often this seems to result in a number of pieces written early in the year; sadly, followed by little in the remainder of the year. Alleluia was written early in 2000. A setting of the word “Alleluia”, it shows some Russian influences in the setting, most particular, in the five syllable pronunciation chosen: al-li-lu-i-ya. This was subsequently arranged for SSAB choir

Download: PDF score, MIDI

Warm up song (2001)

For a capella SATB choir, composed 29th July 2001.

I’ve worked with Faye Dumont for a number of years now. As with many choral conductors, Faye has a number of favorite warmups. This piece is a sort of joke/tribute that brings together the various warmups. This piece is dedicated to the FDS family.

Download: PDF score, MIDI]

This is Australia (2007)

For a capella SATB choir (arranged from the original SAB version), completed May 2007.

This piece, with text by the composer, aims to capture a little of that that is modern Australia. It was submitted (under a pseudonym, in the original SAB version) to the ROCS composition competition, and won first prize. It was premiered by ROCS on the 7th of September, 2007, and has since been performed a second time by ROCS (with brass parts by Philip Legge). It was subsequently re-arranged for SATB, and this version was performed by the Sydney Intervarsity Choral Festival, in a concert titled Visions of Australia conducted by Brett Weymark.

Download: australia.pdf, and also ThisIsAustraliaSIV.mp3: a recording of the performance by the Sydney Intervarsity Choral Festival. Note that some of the tempi are faster than I would have preferred.

Also available on CPDL.

Blessing (2009)

This piece is dedicated to my father, who passed away in February 2009.

This piece, completed in June 2009, and set for SATB choir and solo violin, is a setting of the priestly blessing that my father read every Friday to bless his children:

The Lord bless you and keep you

The Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious

The Lord life up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

(There are a number of translations of this text).

The setting incorporates the text in both English and Hebrew (click here for an audio of the Hebrew pronunciation). It also includes a violin, representing both my father’s violin playing, and, in the closing bars of the work, the soul finding peace.

Download: blessing.pdf.

I know a place (where the wild things grow) (2013)

This is a setting of original text by Leanne Daharja Veitch.

The setting is somewhat folk-like in feel, and has a light texture.

Download: PDF score.

Deconstruct a Chrysalis (2008, arr for SATB 2016)

Originally written (back in 2008) for SATB choir and SAT semi-chorus, I’ve recently created an SATB version of this, so it can be done by smaller groups that aren’t able to subdivide into two choirs.

Technically it’s not quite SATB: there are a few small solos, and some divisi.

Download: PDF score.

Snow Song (2016)

Back in August, after a snow day, my son asked “why don’t you write a piece about snow?”. So here it is!

The text, by American poet Sara Teasdale evokes light, flight, and a certain whimsical longing, which I’ve attempted to capture in a setting that has a light texture, and frequent subtle harmonic shifts.

Download: PDF score.

In the beginning (2016)

A setting of the biblical creation story, along with other selected biblical text.

Download: PDF score.

Remember Me (2016)

A setting of a poem by Christina Rossetti.

This piece was inspired by recent world events, specifically a number of violent attacks. I am mindful of the quotation from Leonard Bernstein: “This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.” This piece aims to be cathartic. My hope is that by expressing the grief and pain, we can then go on living without giving in to fear, anger, or hate.

Download: PDF score.


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