When I heard the learn’d astronomer (2000)

Completed 19 February 2000, this setting of text by Walt Whitman (1819-1892) has minimalistic influences.

Download: PDF score, MIDI

Also available on CPDL.

Three Madrigals (2006)

These madrigals, written on the 12th and 13th of August, 2006, were inspired by madrigals that are part of the standard repertoire of the Australian University Choral Societies. All three madrigals are for three voice parts, and can be sung by a mezzo-soprano and two men; or by a mezzo, an alto, and a male. If the middle part is sung by an alto, then the male should double the low D in bar 12 of Since First.

The first madrigal, Since first, is a love song, dedicated to Leanne, who was then my wife. It should be sung gently, with bars 12 to 18 being particularly lyrical.

The second madrigal, Weep, began as being inspired by Weep O Mine Eyes, but ended up with a more biblical text, loosely based on the lamentations of Jeremiah.

The third and final madrigal, Pastime, is inspired by the well-known work attributed to Henry VIII. It adopts harmonies that suggest a medieval atmosphere, while using a rather modern alternating 3/4 and 6/8 time signature (a la Bernstein).

Download: madrigals.pdf, since.mid, weep.mid, pastime.mid.

The second movement, weep, has been revised slightly (September 2007).

Download: madrigals-v2.pdf, weep-v2.mid

Also available on CPDL.

This is Australia (2007)

This piece, with text by the composer, aims to capture a little of that that is modern Australia. It is scored for an a capella SAB choir with optional tambourine. It was completed in May 2007, and submitted (under a pseudonym) to the ROCS composition competition, and won first prize.

It was premiered by ROCS on the 7th of September, 2007, and has since been performed a second time by ROCS (with brass parts by Philip Legge), and also (in an SATB version) by the Sydney Intervarsity Choral Festival, in a concert titled Visions of Australia conducted by Brett Weymark.

Download: australia.pdf, australia.mid, ThisIsAustraliaSIV.mp3: a recording of the performance by the Sydney Intervarsity Choral Festival (the SATB version). Note that some of the tempi are faster than I would have preferred.

Also available on CPDL.

I know a place (where the wild things grow) (2013)

Set for: a capella S, A, T/B (i.e. three parts).

This is a setting of original text by Leanne Daharja Veitch.

Download: PDF score.


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