Other voicings

De Profundis (1995)

Set for: A capella choir (ATBaB)

This piece shows an unusually strong early music influence. It is intended for a chamber choir, and, in order to obtain a darker sound (“De Profundis” – out of the deep) does not use a soprano part.

Download: PDF score, MIDI

Vocalise (1995)

Set for: a capella choir (SSATBaB)

This piece was begin in July 1995, but was never completed. It was written in collaboration with Leanne Veitch.

Download: PDF score, MIDI

The Hollow Men (1996)

Set for: a capella choir (SATBaB)

This is a slightly longer (around 20 minutes) piece for a capella choir based on T. S. Eliot’s poem of the same name.

The Hollow Men was premierred on Saturday 5th September 1998, by the Melbourne Chamber Choir, conducted by Faye Dumont. A friend who attended the performance sent the following comment to the Australian choral-chat mailing list:

I went along to the Melbo Chamber Choir (formerly Fay(e) Dumont Singe-ers) concert Satdy night – no! It had *nothing at all* to do with one of the basses! Nothing!

Anyway, they premiered Michael’s “The Hollow Men” and all I can say is really puerile sounding stuff like “wow” and “wow” and maybe “wow”! It stayed with me for the past few days and was the most jaw-droppingly stunning thing I’d heard in a very long time indeed. Unfortunatement it wasn’t recorded so if you missed it and didn’t have a legit excuse like being out of the country or a previous engagement or you didn’t know about it, then sucko to you with knobs on!

It was without doubt the standout piece of the evening and words fail me!

Download: You can download a PDF score. Also available are MIDI renditions of the various parts. Note that the plain chant at the start of the last section has been left out since the notes aren’t hard and the MIDI rendition completely fails to capture the freedom of chant. Also, the MIDI files miss the distinction between singing, speaking, and whispering.

  1. part 1
  2. part 2
  3. part 3
  4. part 4
  5. part 5

Alleluia (2000)

Set for: a capella choir (SSAB).

When RMIT Occasional Choral Society (ROCS) began rehearsing Alleluia, it soon became apparent that the lack of men was going to be a problem. To solve this, I arranged Alleluia for SSAB. This arrangement is what ROCS performed. (on the 5th of May 2000 and the 26th of May 2000 – in both cases conducted by Michael Winikoff).

Download: PDF, MIDI, MP3 (Recording is of the ROCS performance, 26th May 2000.

Also available on CPDL.

The Chocolate Song (2002)

Set for: solo voice and piano

Written on the 5th of February 2002, this piece is rather a change of style for me – moving from classical to popular (in this case vaguely Jazz). The text (written by Leanne Veitch) is a musing on that great love that both my then-wife and myself shared: for chocolate 🙂

Download: PDF, MIDI

Also available on CPDL.

Who’s my little baby? (2005)

Set for: solo voice and either piano or guitar accompaniment.

This piece (written 9th January 2005) is a lullaby for my son. One of the more beautiful of the many Leanne and I made up, so I thought it was worth writing down. When I wrote it on the piano it was in G minor, but it would be easier on the guitar in A minor or E minor.

NEW Rough recording of me singing (and improvising a couple of additional vocal parts for harmony). (MP3, 2.1 megs)

Hear the Echo (2005)

Set for: a capella ATB

The so-called Midday Madrigal Group (AKA “Operation Elevator Music”) sang in the stairwell of building 10 at RMIT. This piece was written that night (15th March 2005) and is voiced for the three core members of the Computer Science vocal group – Sandra Uitdenbogerd, James Harland and myself.

Download: PDF score, MIDI

Deconstruct A Chrysalis (2008)

Set for: a capella SATB choir plus SAT semi-chorus

This is, in my opinion, one of my best pieces. It sets an original poem by Leanne Veitch.

Download: Deconstruct-v2.pdf (revised score)

NEW: I’ve created a (more-or-less) SATB version of this piece (see the “SATB” section on this website).

Performance recording here

The Mona Lisa (2009)

Set for: a capella SATTBB choir with a small soprano solo

Another setting of an original poem by Leanne Veitch. This one is about a painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

Download: PDF score.

The Silent Trumpet (2010)

Set for: a capella two part choir plus mezzo/kazoo solo

A micro-oratorio, submitted to the 2010 ROCS Composition Competition.

Download: Score.

Twinkle twinkle little star (2012)

Set for: a capella three male voices

An arrangement of the well-known song.

Download: PDF score, MIDI.

I know a place (where the wild things grow) (2013)

Set for: a capella S, A, T/B (i.e. three parts).

This is a setting of original text by Leanne Daharja Veitch.

Download: PDF score.

Lamentations, Light, and Hope (2017)

Set for: SA (with some divisi) and Strings.

This piece was commissioned by the 69th Intervarsity Choral Festival, on the theme of “Light the Dark”.

The third part, Lux, could also be done on its own, as could the fourth part, Hope.

Download: PDF score. String parts available upon request.

Lux (2017)

This is the third part of Lamentations, Light, and Hope, set for a cappella SSAA.

Download: PDF score; also available for SATB and TTBB.

Every Song (Cada canción) (2018)

This setting of a poem by Federico García Lorca is dedicated to Julija.

It is set for solo (male) voice, tenors, basses, and a guitar. It could also be performed with just the solo voice and guitar (leaving out the TB parts), or with one voice per part, or with three choral parts (T, Ba, B). However, in order to balance with the guitar, the choir should not be too large (or too loud).

Download: PDF score.


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