Blue Sky: The Musical

Blue Sky is a stage musical that Leanne Veitch and I have been working on for a number of years.

The musical is set in a dark future where workers struggle to survive, and the rich elites are finalising their plans to leave the polluted and doomed Earth for Mars …

Three songs were completed and performed by the RMIT Occasional Choral Society (ROCS) in 2004. Subsequently, the musical was extended with a number of additional songs, and the result was performed by ROCS in 2010.

Download: Cover and notesScore


  • Excerpts from Blue Sky, Friday 4th June 2004, the RMIT Occasional Choral Society (ROCS), conducted by Sarah Chan.Blue Sky is an incomplete musical that Leanne and I are working on. The ROCS concert also included the premiere of Leanne’s Wheel of the Year: A Pagan Song Cycle.
  • Blue Sky, Friday 7th May, 2010, RMIT Occasional Choral Society (ROCS), Melbourne, Australia. Conducted by Mark Tosolini.
    This version of Blue Sky is a revised and extended from the 2004 version. 

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